Building Relationships for Great Companies and Good People

We're the dating coach for businesses. When we bring people together, it isn't just a list of people.
It's a good fit.

Who Are We?

We are a team of musicians, yogis, travelers, and cyclists. We are parents and pet owners, fast car drivers, and drinkers of strong coffee. We are lifelong learners, who aren't afraid to challenge ourselves and each other. We have no product to improve but ourselves.

Current Openings

Sourcing Specialist – Technical Recruitment

The Technical Recruitment Sourcer will use web-based tools to search for potential candidates for our clients’ open roles. Will also spend time looking for contact information for these candidates and collaborate with recruiters.


Associate Recruiter

The Associate Recruiter will be responsible for reaching out to potential candidates for our clients’ open roles and scheduling them on a Senior Recruiter’s calendar. This role will work closely with Senior Recruiters, Sourcers and C-level executives.


Director of Recruiting

Recruiters at Sage are not bogged down by sourcing/outreach responsibilities. We broke the job up into 3 teams work in parallel, allowing recruiters to focus on creating the stellar candidate and client experiences. Work with companies like Adidas, Jobvite, Accenture, Walmart, and to develop exceptional candidate pipelines.


Why Choose Us?


At Sage we're a team that works together and plays together. Our collaborative and supportive culture fosters innovation for our team members and clients. We also promote a healthy work/life balance to enable employees to become their best selves, in and out of the office.
Our Team


We believe in honesty and integrity. We find self awareness through our core values (the CIRCLE). If we focus on these values, we are able to build better relationships with each other and our clients.
Our Culture


We are constantly striving to learn new things. Whether through trainings, networking opportunities, or volunteer work, we endeavor to create opportunities for individuals to grow both professionally and personally.
Our Services