Sage Recruitment Case Study: Bio-Rad saved $180K by switching to Sage’s data-driven recruiting model.

"The Sage team always comes prepared to meetings armed with data. There is full transparency on their pipline and interview activities which helps us get a good pulse on the market."

Roy America, Sr. Recruiter
Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc
Legacy Model
In contingency or retained search models, recruiters can only focus on one task at a time, slowing the process.
Sage Model
Sage breaks the recruiting process down into three stages and assigns specialists to each.
3 months
5 weeks
1-2 emails at most
6 times via phone and email
Specialize in specific feilds
Any position, any field
Software engineer
R&D Engineer

"Sage has been an invaluable partner to our recruiting efforts here at Bio-Rad. Their process is a lot more thorough and strategic compared to traditional contingency recruiting firms."

Roy America, Sr. Recruiter
Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc

Start Bringing Data into Your Hiring Strategy

Who's in our pipeline?

Watch your candidate list grow as Sage’s outreach team sources, contacts, and validates potential hires. You calibrate the folks we go after, so we don't waste time going after the wrong folks.

Where are we in the search?

Keep tabs on performance indicators like outreach stage, response rates, screening results, and more.  Diagnose candidate yield issues with REAL data.

Sage Recruitment Case Study:

Roostifytransformed their recruiting costs using Sage’s data-driven recruiting model

Director of Engineering filled in 5 weeks - $21,000
Head of IT filled in 4 weeks - $16,800
VP of Compliance filled in 6 weeks - $25,200
Product Manager filled in 4 weeks - $16,800
Director of CS filled in 5 weeks - $21,000
"Sage has helped us fill a number of key roles at Roostify. Sage calibrates each search thoughtfully and effectively with our hiring team,  and they've given us a consistent stream of qualified, quality candidates. They get quick results, and the insights they provide are helping us scale as a business.Working with Sage has been faster, simpler and more cost-efficient than hiring internal recruiters ”
Rajesh Bhat, CEO

Why are candidates declining?

Review decline rates and comments from actual candidates.  There may be trends in this data that will help drive your recruiting strategies.

Keep the results.

Sage offers lifetime access to your campaign data, including candidate information, response feedback, and more!

Sage gives you data - not opinions.


Find out how data driven recruiting makes our clients look like ROCKSTARS. 

“We had to fill specific roles in Pharma with Diabetes expertise and Sage stepped up to the challenge. Their SmartSource model worked well for our internal recruiters. Sage's team sent us a steady stream of qualified candidates for these hard-to-fill reqs that resulted in quick hires who were top-notch.”
Josh Janicek, VP, Leader of Talent Acquisition
Arnold Worldwide