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Data driven recruiting

Paul Grewal CEO & Founder
“I love making friends, and I love having a job where I do it every day.”

Recruiting with a Mission

Now, you might wonder what that means in our data-driven, high-technology industry.
It means that we’ve taken years of experience, years of technological development, years of conversations and insights, and push our vision of building relationships between awesome workplaces and amazing candidates.

A Mission Built on Values

We built Sage Talent on a value system called CIRCLE (Communicate, Innovate, Respect, Collaborate, Learn & be Empathetic)

CommunicateWe developed our data-driven dashboard with one goal in mind: communicating our efforts with you in real time. You’ll know everything we know during every step of our partnership.

InnovateOur business model is built on innovating recruitment through data, parallel sourcing, and advanced technology.

RespectWe respect what your business does, and we respect the skills and expertise of our candidates. Most importantly, we respect everyone’s time, money, and energy, and we will never waste any of them on empty promises or useless candidate searches.

CollaborateWe aren’t here to throw candidates into your recruitment funnel—we’re here to become an integral part of that funnel. We work closely with you to develop your candidate sourcing process from top to bottom.

LearnWe wouldn’t be a data-driven company if we didn’t love to learn. More importantly, we want to continually challenge ourselves to support each other and our clients the best that we may.

EmpathyCommunication, innovation, respect, and collaboration: all of these come together to form our empathy for candidates that we engage, companies we work with, and teams that want to work with someone that represents their culture as much as a skillset.

Sage Talent- Building Relationships
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