Our Culture


Data driven recruiting – It’s who we are

Sage, a staffing agency in the San Francisco Bay Area, is reinventing recruiting by implementing a unique engagement model and strategic data-driven process to deliver top talent to organizations quickly, cost-effectively and at scale. Through using Sage’s analytics, a candidate is always a guarantee, which means that recruiting doesn’t have to be a gamble anymore. Sage is pioneering the industry as the only staffing agency with a truly data driven recruiting model. We believe that precision recruiting can only be done with analytics.


Our values

Sage is built around a core value system called CIRCLE (Communicate, Innovate, Respect, Collaborate, Learn, be Empathetic). The CIRCLE is a value system that ensures and encourages self-development and ultimately builds lasting relationships with our clients. We believe that through collaboration and respect with each other we’re able to work swiftly and effectively. That’s why with Sage, you’re not leaving your recruiting up to chance. This makes us unique among recruitment agencies in California and the rest of the US. We are a different kind of staffing agency.