Executive Recruiters in the Bay Area

Is your executive search firm not sourcing great candidates?

If it is, your efforts to find candidates in an unprecedented low-unemployment market are going to lag behind.
Here’s what we mean.

Does your current recruiting firm:

Sends you candidates that clearly don’t fit your culture – or even the job description?
Does not send you enough candidates?
Fail to account for the time they’re spending working on your behalf?

Your Recruiters Can Do More

Trust real data and real insight from professionals with decades of experience using the most innovative technology available. Expand your hiring operation and improve your HR pipeline.

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How Are We Different?

What if we could show you our approach to recruiting that is technology & data-driven, strategic, labor-intensive, and able to shift on a dime to adapt to market changes? We disrupt the recruiting industry with our unique and proven processes that bring candidates faster than our competitors.

Here’s what makes us special:

Dedicated Teams

We field three parallel teams that handle sourcing, outreach, and recruitment for your position. When a candidate is in front of your hiring committee, trust that they have been nurtured and vetted extensively.


We don’t trust old knowledge or market intuition. We rely on data, crafting custom data points and approaches for your industry, business culture, and professional needs.


Pay monthly, and only for work completed. If your search halts, so will billing.

Turn Us

Fill a role, and come back to us when you want to fill another.

Data Driven Solutions That Fill Up Your Applicant Pipeline

Don't waste time hunting down the wrong candidates. Get fast, on-demand sourcing with Sage Talent.