Recruiting For the Modern Age

Data Driven Solutions That Fill Up Your Applicant Pipeline

Stop wasting time chasing the wrong candidates. Get fast, on-demand sourcing with Sage.

In today’s tight labor market, the old ways of finding talent simply aren’t working as well as they should. How many hours a day is your internal recruiting team spending on just sourcing qualified candidate?

Sage offers industry-leading, data-driven strategic recruiting. Our clients are industry and market agnostic; whether it’s a Java developer in Topeka or a scientist at a New York hospital, we can find the talent that’s been eluding you.

We focus on consistent candidate contact that helps you find better applicants quickly. Instead of having your internal staff handling the extensive work of candidate sourcing, Sage acts as a trusted partner, funneling a steady stream of candidate leads into the recruiting pipeline. Our job is to support your HR in ways that are value-driven, strategic, and more effective than your current efforts.

Our work innovates the traditional recruiting models, making for a more streamlined and data driven approach. If you’re struggling to find resources you owe it to your business to consider Sage.


The Sage Methodology

Sage has a proven process driven by intelligent design and data analytics. When we partner with a client, we start by getting to understand their goals and what they’ve implemented in the past to achieve them.

Then we really go to work.

Sage applies a strategic methodology to the recruiting process, using three teams working concurrently to generate fast and dramatic results. Our recruiting agency in San Francisco puts pressure in the market simultaneously in these areas:

The Sage Sourcing Team uses sophisticated candidate search technology to find the talent.

The Sage Outreach Team works to build relationships with candidates by using a six-touch methodology to nurture candidates and alert them to the opportunity.

The Sage Screening Team sifts through the candidate pool, further honing applicants until they find the perfect match of skills, desires, and salary goals.


A Different Approach To Recruiting

We know the majority of recruiting is sourcing and it remains the most labor-intensive part of the hiring process. Most companies do not have enough time in the day to keep up with the challenges of today’s tight labor market.

As a recruiting agency in San Francisco focused on sourcing, outreach, and screening – we act as a natural extension of your internal recruiting team.

So how is Sage different from every other staffing agency in San Francisco? Put simply, Sage uses a more strategic and analytical approach to finding candidates.



Data-Driven Recruiting


Sage leverages a wealth of data and analytics in order to identify potential applicants and fill your recruiting funnel. Every candidate relationship is built upon analytical decision-making and careful targeting of the talent market. This results in a better pool of applicants for our clients.


Faster Turnaround


Need more candidates quickly? Our unique methodology allows us to find and deliver candidates at a much faster rate than other staffing agencies in San Francisco and the rest of the US.


Complete Transparency


The Sage dashboard allows a 360-view our recruiting efforts – providing a level of transparency unheard of in the industry. You’ll be able to track our day-to-day efforts to build your talent pool, allowing you to quickly analyze and provide feedback that helps us respond to market and candidate trends.

Pain-Free Pricing Model

Sage charges an hourly rate so our clients only pay for the work we’ve completed. This is the most cost-effective industry model and saves our clients tens of thousands of dollars. Our on-demand subscription service allows you to keep all the leads and response feedback and our average cost-per-hire is the lowest in the industry.

Our Specialties

Sage specializes is some of the most difficult labor markets all around the country. We have a proven track record of finding candidates in some of the most sophisticated and credentials-driven categories, helping our clients succeed even when the task feels impossible.

  • Biotech – From marine and molecular biologists to medical lab scientists, the Sage teams speaks the language of this highly technical candidate pool.
  • Healthcare – Sage has experience sourcing talent at various levels of the Healthcare industry.
  • IT – We know software and hardware engineers, whether they focus on developing the best code or analyzing data.
  • Cyber Security – These highly in-demand engineers are a necessity in today’s risk environment.
  • Software Engineering – Data engineers, product architects, or software developers are no match for the Sage talent hunters.
  • Machine Learning – Software engineers with AI and machine learning experience are available now.
  • Sales Recruiting – Technical sales, national sales, and software sales all require extensive experience.
  • Marketing Recruiting – Finding a new marketing executive is just a phone call away with one call to Sage.