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Recruitment (RPO + Insights)

You may have worked with other recruiting companies, so we’ll spare you talk about how great our candidates are. Instead, let’s focus on what companies have told us they really want: insight. They want to know what’s happening, both inside and outside their company. With Sage Talent, you get immediate real-time access to our recruitment efforts through the Sage Talent Dashboard. From outreach to media channels to final interview status, you know how the search is knowing as soon as we do.

About Sage Talent

Auditing & Assessment

It’s not just about hiring. It’s about optimizing your funnel so that the right candidates come to you. With that in mind, we can use our data-driven tools to provide you with real insight into how you hire, how you interview, and how you pull in the highest quality candidates.

When you work with Sage Talent to fill a position, you get three dedicated teams committed to finding the right candidate.

Team 1

Research Team

Our research team will develop lists & then calibrate them with you so we don't call the wrong candidates.

Team 2

Outreach Team

Our outreach team nurtures candidates through a process that includes atleast 6 unique outreach attempts.

Team 3

Screening Team

Our screening team will pitch, qualify & help drive recruiting strategy using the data collected from the hiring pipeline.

Let's Get Started!

Sage Talent has the utmost confidence that we can find you a great candidate and help you optimize your recruiting efforts. To prove it, we provide a 2-week trial. We’ll work with your HR, conduct an initial search, and audit your recruitment process with our custom reporting.