Meet SAGE Beacon

Productivity through harmony

Remote work is our new normal.
Decades in recruitment taught us the workplace was broken so we developed a platform to help heal it.

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Sage Beacon is a proprietary platform that can act as the pulse of any company.

Showing you the friction points that need attention, both in the short term and long term. Allowing companies to help raise productivity and happiness, at the same time.  

So, What’s the Deal?

27% of remote workers say their job or income security are their number one concern.

Even though remote workers report finishing more tasks and having a more positive feeling about their individual accomplishments, productivity has dropped.

What can you do to help your workers feel more engaged in this "new normal"?

So, What’s the Problem?

We believe technology can return harmony to a broken workplace.
We want to create Productivity through harmony.

Introducing SAGE Beacon

SAGE Beacon's team of talent engagement experts and data scientists have developed a process of integrating with your team and their workflow, in a non-obtrusive way, to get to the bottom of your productivity issues.

We do this by creating tools that can help companies create greater harmony and efficiency to improve their work environments.

Our mission: Using Data, machine learning and AI to create a more harmonious and productive workplace.

SAGE Beacon supports your WFH productivity challenges in three primary ways:


Gather insights to weekly challenges and obstacles


Understand whether strategic goals are being met by your teams


Share insights and patterns emerging across your entire company

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How Does SAGE Beacon Work?

Our emphasis has always been on talent engagement and intelligence gathering. So, we’re uniquely positioned to offer this new service.

We gather data from your team and present it in a way that empowers you and your team to clear roadblocks and improve productivity.  


Our first task is to get to know your team, their challenges, and what they need to succeed. Our data gathering includes weekly meetings where we build out customized KPIs and survey metrics.


After we’ve gotten the lay of the land in terms of some of the specific challenges your team is facing, we refine our fact-finding surveys and meetings around quantifiable questions that we can track and accurately measure over time. We want to know what progress looks like for your organization. 


We begin to identify synergies. Synergies are places where productivity and team cohesion are suffering, and where the team members can work together to clear obstacles from their path.

SAGE Synergies Dashboard

Once we’ve articulated the key points where productivity and cohesion are suffering, we build (with your input) clear metrics and KPIs that you can track through a simple dashboard.

This dashboard is 100% customizable and, as time passes, it will take on more intelligence visualization based on where your bottlenecks and necessary collaboration points are.

SAGE Synergies Dashboard

What Data Are We Collecting ?

Our experiences has shown us what the most critical areas impacting engagement and productivity are. So we're focusing on: 

Logistical support and maintenance

Team morale and well-being

Intelligent strategic planning

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