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Not recruitment services.
Recruitment solutions.

Transform your entire recruitment process with higher productivity and scale through AI-enabled automation analytics that works for you. And an expert talent research team that works with you.

Sage Talent takes away the pain points of hiring on both sides of the equation through a highly optimized sourcing function, then automating less-rewarding recruitment tasks with sophisticated AI and ML technology, so companies can find the best people, people can find the best jobs, and hiring managers have more freedom to focus on what matters.

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Know exactly what works and where to troubleshoot

With SageSource you have immediate, real-time access and insights throughout your entire recruitment process. Your customizable Sage Talent dashboard lets you track every applicant interaction across all touchpoints, so no good candidate slips through the cracks.



Our Mission


Our mission is to optimize sourcing and completely automate repetitive and low value tasks for recruiters. After assessing your needs, we set up a recruiting analytics infrastructure, embed it into your recruiting workstream, and develop a model for optimization. We then train a specialized AI model to fully automate the task to reach your goals.



Best in class analytics

Sage Saas is built on an exclusive analytics platform. Having the strongest analytics allows you to calibrate your search, find the weak points in your hiring strategy, and make sure your goals and needs are aligned realistically with the talent pool available. With strong analytics working for you, you can automate your search to eliminate the pain points, and free up your hiring team to focus on the parts of the job they love best.

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Why Sage Talent

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Your customizable Sage Talent dashboard eliminates the cross communication that can arise when external and internal recruiters aren’t on the same page. You’ll always know what’s going on, in every candidate interaction, in real time.

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Whether you’re looking to meet a specific executive search, or to replace a hiring team long-term, our technology and resources can easily scale to meet even the largest recruitment needs.

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Contingency firms promote bad behavior, which is why we believe in a retainer-based model based on performance-based metrics. Our sliding scale pricing model stands out in the industry, because we consistently guarantee our clients positive results.

I adore the team we worked with at Sage. They are a pleasure to work with, always an upbeat personality and great customer service skills. They continue to make me look good with my hiring managers, as they keep the pipeline healthy and me from working overtime. HA!

- Annie Philipsen
Trulia, Sr. Technical Recruiter

I have worked with the Sage team the past few months and they have been doing a fantastic job sourcing passive candidates for both technical and non-technical roles at Jobvite. During this time we’ve had to ramp up quickly and we’ve made several hires from their candidates.

- Jan Choi
Jobvite, Sr. Recruiter

We had to fill specific roles in Pharma with Diabetes expertise and Sage stepped up to the challenge. Their SmartSource model worked well for our internal recruiters. Sage's team sent us a steady stream of qualified candidates for these hard-to-fill requests that resulted in quick hires who were top-notch.

- Josh Janicek
Arnold Worldwide, VP, Leader of Talent Acquisition

Best tech recruiting. Period.

- Harjinder Bhade
Engie, CTO/SVP of Engineering at ENGIE Storage