We Charge an Hourly Rate 

So you only pay for work completed.

Sage uses a different approach when it comes to recruiter costs. The parallel nature of our teams makes our candidate search faster than recruiting firms. There aren't enough hours in a day for one recruiter to find and call everyone who might fit your role. We take the grunt work off your plate by tackling the most laborious part: talent search and outreach.


Sourcing Team

Our sourcing team finds the most qualified candidates by employing advanced search tools while calibrating search criteria with recruiters and hiring managers. The search is ongoing, and continues even after outreach has begun.


Outreach team

Our outreach team is dedicated to contact. With no less than 6 touches, they’ll foster strong relationships with potential candidates and start building interest in the position. This step is done simultaneously with the sourcing step, meaning we won't stop in between building the pipeline and screening the candidates. 


Screening team

Our screening team works directly with recruiters to monitor the search process and fine-tune the parameters. This is the stage where we talk to all the potential candidates to see which ones will be a great fit, before handing them over to the recruiters. 

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Working with Sage Talent was a very positive experience. Within our 3 week trial, Marisa and her team identified several candidates who met the specs of our open acquisition in an extremely difficult market. We even ended up making an offer to someone that she introduced to us! As an account manager, Marisa took the time to understand our needs and concerns, and she was terrific about follow up, too. Two thumbs up from me and MWWPR!

Christina Stokes, Director of Talent Acquisition

Keep Recruiter Costs Low

Our average Cost-Per-Hire is the LOWEST in the Industry

On-demand subscription work:
Keep the data forever, including all the leads and response feedback.

Pay as you go
Pay monthly, and only for work completed. If your search halts, so will billing.

Turn us on/off:
Fill a role, and come back to us when you want to fill another.

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Learn how our data-driven sourcing can help you save on recruiter costs!

“We had to fill specific roles in Pharma with Diabetes expertise and Sage stepped up to the challenge. It's SmartSource model worked well for our internal recruiters. Sage's team sent us a steady stream of qualified candidates for these hard-to-fill reqs that resulted in quick hires who were top-notch.”
Josh Janicek, VP, Leader of Talent Acquisition
Arnold Worldwide