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Sage Talent combines the latest technology innovations with over 14 years of sourcing experience, to reinvent how today’s leading companies hire.

Through advanced data analytics, sophisticated AI and ML technology and a longstanding RPO model, Sage Talent takes away the pain points of recruiting on both sides of the equation, maximizing both scale and productivity. Our data-driven solutions give companies valuable insights into their own processes, helping streamline hiring and giving managers more time and freedom to focus on only the best candidates.

We automate sourcing tools and services that make hiring smarter.

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Our best-selling SaaS solution delivers qualified candidates instantly, with detailed analytics to pinpoint and address roadblocks for recruiters and hiring managers. We also set up the infrastructure to train AI models for recruiting automation and efficiency.

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Don’t want to do it yourself? With a longstanding RPO model, our experienced team will help you improve candidate engagement and qualifications to help you attract the strongest talent.

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Executive Sourcing Service

Sage has decades of experience helping Executive Search firms and VC firms attract top-level talent in tech, science and other highly competitive fields. We also help automate tasks for executive sourcing services.

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Saas solution that gathers input and develops analytics to help to help manage productivity. Designed for leaders immersed in enterprise strategic planning.


The proof is in our clients’ success

If you want to know more about our approach, this case study shows our sourcing efforts with Bio-Rad: “How to Save $180K in a Matter of Weeks”.

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Trust real data and real insight from professionals with decades of experience using innovative technology and human connection. Expand your recruiting operation and grow your talent pipeline.

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