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Genomic Health

Leading Businesses are Recruiting Faster, Precisely & Efficiently with Sage Talent

“Sage has done a phenomenal job filling numerous positions with the last hire completed in 30 days!”

Blue River

Jorge Heraud

“We were amazed by the quality and speed of Sage's unique model as they filled our top engineering executive position in 60 days!”

Silicon Energy

Martin Janousek

“Sage was hired by us to provide support for our Sales Recruiting efforts. Sage was very collaborative in their approach and took the time and made the effort to find the right talent for the needs of our group. They are very knowledgeable and this was proved by our successes in hiring. I would recommend Sage as a good one to partner with for that hard to find talent.”

Emtec INC.

Rachana Jain
President of Recruitment & Talent Management

“Sage and team are an extension of our start-up company; they identify and contact top industry talent on our behalf and present us with highly-skilled, interested individuals who are a great match for opportunities. We rely heavily on Sage to refer exceptional talent, and they do deliver.”

Berkeley Lights

Kathryn Blystone
Vice President of Infrastructure

“These kinds of searches are often very difficult and this one was no different. We had very specific requirements for the role and sourcing in the market. Sage consistently presented candidates that met our requirements and we were very pleased with the outcome.”

Battery Ventures

Mark Sherman
General Partner

“Integrity, character, business savvy, and an uncanny ability to navigate delicate negotiations with hard to please candidates. I give Sage my strongest recommendation and can promise you that you won't find a better ally for recruitment.”


Jerry Lewis
Vice President of Managed Services

“We were very pleased with Sage’s diligence in working with us. I would recommend Sage highly to any of my HR peers and am hopeful that we will get another opportunity to work together in the future.”

McAfee Secure

Vimal Solanki
VP, WW Solution & Competitive Marketing

“Sage and team proved to be exceptionally nimble in dealing with adjustments to our recruiting efforts. They maintained a steady stream of quality candidates, information and managed to "herd cats" when it came to follow-through with very busy hiring managers. I would highly recommend Sage for anyone with multiple hiring challenges at any level in an organization.”


Lousia Fossett
Head of Global Human Resources

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