Director Of Robotics Engineering Recruitment


Director Of Robotics Engineering Recruitment

We helped recruit for Director of Robotics Engineering and we found these useful insights we learnt in the process.

Our Client


A leading technology research company that needed to fill a Director of Robotics Engineering role. We learned everything we could about the requirements of this role and scouted talent nationwide. We found that the most qualified candidates, both in the industry and in academia, had PhD's and at least 8 years of experience in the field. Many were working in the top National Laboratories, like Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. The candidates needed to have current knowledge of both hardware and software technologies, and expertise in Human-Machine Interaction, Motion Planning, and Feedback Control.

Our Challenge


There was a limited pool of people with this combination of skills and experience. We worked with the client to revise their recruiting strategy and generate more interest in the position. Ultimately, the candidate that was hired had more than 20 years of expertise in Robotics and Automation, with experience managing a team of engineers. Our data-driven approach to sourcing showed us that candidates from National Laboratories and Universities will be the best fit for this role.

Director of Robotics Engineering Recruitment

If you are interested in how we got this data, please click here: Our Process


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